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Customer Testimonials for Vehicle Match Maker

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Thalia Ortega, Logan King, and Trinity - 2020 Hyundai Palisade

Words cannot express how thankful we are for Jerry Myers!!! We were unsure on what make and model we wanted, Jerry took the time to go from dealership to dealership to help us find what was best for us and within our desired price range. If you are in the market for a new vehicle you can trust Jerry and he will work with you and help find what you’re looking for! Thank you so much Jerry! 

Thalia Ortega - Logan King, and of course Trinity - Pittsburg, Ks.

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Kirsten Flenniken - 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland

Thank you Jerry Myers for finding me the perfect car!!!

I cannot thank you enough, Jerry! You matched me up with the most beautiful Jeep! You are so kind, respectful and I definitely learned a lot through this experience with you. Thank you again.
Kirsten Flenniken - Carthage Mo.

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Jansen Adams - 2019 Ford F150

Jerry’s experience shows when helping you find the right vehicle at the right price. Jerry helped me locate the specific truck I was looking for and worked with me on changes I wanted to make. His expertise made it a simple process and I’ve never spent so little time at the dealership. I really appreciate the knowledge he brought to the table and his willingness to do whatever it took to help me out.

Jansen Adams - Manager at CED and Adams Lawn Care - Carl Junction MO.

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Paul and Lori Hornor - 2019 Ford Edge

Jerry is a great person! He is honest and takes the time to explain every detail until you understand it and makes sure you get what you want! He really cares about his customers!

Paul and Lori Hornor - Janitorial Business Consultants - Goodman, Mo.

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Alex Menejias - 2017 Ram 1500 Hemi

Jerry is the best! If you need it done, he can get it done!

-Alex Menejias-Owner Bella Imaging- El Guapo's Cigar & Pipe Lounge-Joplin Mo.

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Heather Shelley Lewis - 2016 Ford Explorer

Its really sad that you have to buy a car based on whether or not a ball bag will fit. BUT after days and many hours texting. My man Jerry at Fletcher Ford hooked me up!!!

I am one happy girl. My Malibu was good to me and now it will be good to Jas. But mom got new wheels.
-Heather Shelley Lewis- freeman Health System-Beachbody Emerald Coach-Granby Mo.

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Janice and Blane Nordstrom - 2017 Ford Escape

Jerry was very patient with us. Actually it took us over 3 months to find the perfect Escape! Very helpful and no pressure! We have purchased 2 more vehicles from him since the Escape. We recommend Jerry to everyone. Thank you so much!

-Janice and Blane Nordstom-Human Resource Director-Landmark Hospital-Joplin Mo.

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Jay Snyder - 2016 Ram 1500 Hemi

         Jerry is like a Car and Car owners Cupid!

-Jay Snyder-Signature Interior Expressions-Joplin Mo.

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Jeff Parks - 2019 Ford F150

Jerry...Where do I start. This guy is top notch when it comes to customer service and expertise. Jerry is always willing to go the extra mile to assist you with any need you may have. During my service appointments he offered to give me a ride any where I wanted to go. If I have any issues he is always willing to go to bat for you and work out all the details. If you need a vehicle, he has been the best sales guy I have ever encountered. Even after several months he still checks to see if I need anything and that I am happy with my purchase. Definitely a guy who cares about his customers.

-Jeff Parks-Dyno Nobel-Carl Junction Mo.

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>Ericka Nicole Freeborn - 2019 Toyota Corolla

 I’ve driven a Toyota since I was 16 years old. I’ve been in 2 wrecks - both which I should not have survived - in the last 14 months alone. Even in a Corolla I seem to be safe - well as safe as one can be when a semi truck falls off a bridge on you. Jerry Myers has been a godsend for our family. Honestly. He has sold us the last 7 cars our family needed and we couldn’t be happier with him and everything he does for us. He’s really a genuine person, and for our family, that means the most. He was so kind on the day I picked up my vehicle. He got me situated/enrolled with the safety care, and that made me feel 100x better knowing that was a service offered with this purchase. Driving is not really fun anymore, so knowing I have these extra tools means more than you know. Also, he told me my Corolla came with Apple Car Play, and that has been awesome! I really appreciated him taking the time to chat with me before I drove off the lot. I hope YOU know how appreciative I was with this experience as always! Best wishes.

-Ericka Nicole Freeborn-Behavior Therapist-Bill & Virginia Leffen Center For Autism-Joplin Mo.

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Sheila Gunlock - 2010 Ford Expedition

Jerry goes out of his way to serve Joplin and the surrounding community with heart and experience. His ability to find the right match for you will exceed your expectations! We love our Expedition!

-Sheila Gunlock-Gunlock HVAC-Joplin Mo.

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Heather Kemper - 2019 Ford Escape

We bought brand new 2019 Ford Escape from Jerry. Thank you Jerry Myers for the great service! You're the best and to be honest I can't believe my husband bought a Ford. If you want a car Jerry's Your Man!

-Heather Kemper-Wife-Mother-Server at Cracker Barrel Old Country Store-Joplin MO.

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David Sandstrom - 2018 GMC Denali / HD

“I finally got some time to wash that awesome sexy truck I bought from you! Jerry, I’m thinking God was looking out for me. I’ve only put a little over 7000 miles on it since I drove it home from your lot. The MPG is awesome, when on the freeway I average 21+ with it. In July we pulled our 5th wheel up to Minnesota and it’s performance was awesome. Just this past month I drove to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin for Training and was an awesome ride. Sorry I didn’t stop in to visit, it was to early when I went through Joplin on the way up and it was late evening on my way back. I’ll get back up that way to visit soon. When people ask me where I bought this beautiful truck, I tell them about you and your amazing customer service! When they ask why I went so far away, I tell them because your absolutely awesome!”

— David Sandstrom - Heartland Elevator -Ennis Texas

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Carla Short - 2015 Toyota Sienna

All of us have had the experience of car shopping - no need to recap the frustrating stories - 

Jerry made this experience so pleasurable we will buy all of our future vehicles from him.
-Carla and Louis Short-Manage-Riverview Wedding Chapel and Receptions- Eureka Springs Ar.

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Jacob Bass - 2018 Ford Mustang

Jerry is an amazing salesman! I took 4 days to decide on a car and Jerry was there every step of the way! He made sure I got exactly what I wanted and now I'm driving my dream car at the age of 20! He helped me get the right payment and every option I wanted! I would recommend him to anyone! If you buy a car, make sure you buy from Jerry! You won't regret it!

-Jacob Bass-Student-Missouri Southern State University-Joplin Mo.

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Rhonda Thompson - 2017 Ford F150

Jerry has helped my family purchase several vehicles. Jerry truly cares about his clients and goes above and beyond to make an otherwise terrible experience very pleasant!

-Rhonda Thompson-Automated technology Company-Webb City Mo,

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Ollie Kinslow - 2014 Ford F150

If you are buying a car, Jerry is the guy that you should be talking to!

-Ollie Kinslow-OK Custom Furniture-Tiff City Mo.

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Brittany Place - 2019 Ford Ranger

Jerry Myers went above and beyond to help my fiance and I find the perfect vehicle for us. He was very courteous, patient, and professional and went over and beyond our expectations walking into Fletcher Ford. A few days prior we had gone into Fletcher Toyota and were treated horrible so we were very hesitant to visit another Fletcher dealership. Jerry understood our needs and our budget and made it happen for us. We are so happy that we made the decision to stop in on Saturday. Thank you Jerry!!!

-Brittney Place-Student-Animal Rescuer-Missouri Southern University-Granby Mo.

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Kimberly Bell - 2017 Ford Explorer

I'm a bull dog when it comes to buying a car. I want what I want and won't give in. We have bought ten vehicles now from Jerry, and I have made him work for every one of them. He has always been professional and worked hard for us. After the first couple vehicles, we started contacting Jerry first to let him know what we were wanting. He went right to work every time! He is more than our car salesman, we now consider him our friend. Don't think that I go easy on him now that we are friends; if anything, I am probably tougher. Jerry has ALWAYS rectified any issues we had, and does it because he truly cares about his customers. Our family will only buy from Jerry Myers!

-Kimberly Bell-McDonald County Clerk-Pineville Mo.

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Scott Plauche - 2016 Ford Fusion

 I can't even express in words how easy Jerry made the buying process. Every car I've bought previously I spent all day at the lot, and was dreading needing to get into some new wheels. I told Jerry what I wanted and needed, and with minimal time at the dealership I drove away in my new Ford Fusion. Still love it and I will never go anywhere else to buy a vehicle.

Scott Plauche-Professional Photographer-Joplin Mo.

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Adam and Leeann Gardner - 2018 Nissan Maxima

We have bought several vehicles from Jerry. He has take good care of us. I highly recommend!

Adam and Leeann Gardner-Veterinarian-Madison Pet Clinic-Legett & Platt-Webb City Mo.

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Elizabeth Fuller - 2017 Ford Explorer

We are so grateful that Jerry was there to help us through this process. His candor and serving nature were so helpful. He communicated with us through text, to avoid us having to sit in the dealership with three young kiddos for long periods of time. It was smooth and stress free. We will look forward to working with Jerry in the future, when the time comes.

-Elizabeth Fuller-Wife-Mother-Webb City Mo.

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Sabrina Wiseman - 2017 Hyundai Elantra

He really is your friend in the car business! I trusted him to get my husband in a car, and he got the job done. So happy I can trust Jerry!

-Sabrina Wiseman-Certified Pharmacy Technician (CPhT)-Walgreens-Joplin Mo.

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Jill and George Kepler - 2017 Ford Escape

Thank you Jerry for being so patient with my husband and myself while we working on buying a car and trading our truck. You were amazing to work with. Thank you for explaining over and over again details on the new car. I highly recommend dealing with Jerry if you are looking for a new vehicle. Thank you Jerry!

-George and Jill Kepler-Baxter Vault-Neosho R5 School District-Neosho Mo.

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Amelia May - 2016 Ford Focus

Wonderful experience for two inexperienced kids buying a car! We set up an appointment to test drive a car and had bought the car and left the lot with it within just two and a half hours! Way to go to Jerry Myers for being so friendly and professional at the same time and making our experience so easy!!! ??

-Amelia May-Wife-Mother-Simple Simon's Pizza-Senegence Independent Distributor

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Josh Factor - 2012 Ford F150

I bought a 2012 F-150 from Jerry a few years ago and it was the best experience I've ever had in buying a vehicle. I told Jerry what I wanted and where I needed my payments and he made it happen without the typical salesman treatment. I didn't get stuck waiting around to get swindled into paying more than I asked. Instead, it was, "tell me what you want and I'll see what I can do." To this day, Jerry is the first person I contact when I think about purchasing a vehicle.

Josh Factor-Teacher-Head Wrestling Coach-McDonald County High School-Stella Mo.

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Lauren Eskridge - 2014 Ford Fusion

This was my first truly good experience buying a car. I had never dealt with Jerry before this experience. I called him and told him what I was looking for and what my budget was, and he made it happen. He was super friendly, not pushy or aggressive, and I walked away with a lot better quality car than I hoped within my budget. I recommend him to all my friends and family now!

-Lauren Eskridge-Teacher Afton Public Schools-Vinita Ok.

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Corban Radley - 2017 Ford Focus ST

Best car salesman ever!!! I have bought two cars from Jerry and will look him up when we are ready to buy again!

-Corban Radley-Dyno Nobel-Carl Junction Mo.

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Noelle Gambill - 2018 Jeep Wrangler

Jerry had previously helped my mom and sister. My husband and I wanted to see what our options were on trading our car for my dream Jeep. Jerry was very positive and worked hard to get us as close as possible to what we needed payment wise. Got us into the perfect Jeep! Best experience we've had at a car dealership!

Noelle Gambill-Children's Activity Director-Motion Tulsa-Tulsa Ok.

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Maryanna and John Perry - 2016 Ford F150

Very happy with how Jerry helped us and when we told him what we wanted he made sure we were getting what we wanted.I am not sure what our next vehicle will be but it will be from Jerry and it doesn't have to be a Ford it can be from any Fletcher lot!

-Maryanna and John Perry-Webb City Mo.

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Kassie Haws - 2018 Ford Fusion

“Jerry goes above and beyond to make sure you get the car and features you have your heart set on. We would absolutely recommend him to anyone embarking on the stressful journey of car hunting. He is so funny, makes it enjoyable, and truly cares that you are happy and taken care of. He went above and beyond to find the car I really wanted at another dealership in OK, down to the exterior color and interior package, and had it picked up and driven here within days. Soooo happy with our experience with Jerry and we will definitely be using him for any other vehicle purchases in the future! ”

— Kassie Haws - Wife -Mother of 3 - Registered Dental Hygienist - Carl Junction Mo.

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Gail Roberson - 2017 Jeep Cherokee

“Thank you Jerry for a unique experience in car shopping. You understood quickly what I needed in a car and you found the exact one and had it on its way to us in record time. I appreciate you going to the extra trouble of locating it (in Jefferson City no less) and having it delivered in less than 48 hours. Then taking the time to be certain we understood all the tech options was so helpful. After sale care is also proving to be amazing. I recommend car shoppers select Jerry to be their personal salesman.... he offers concierge service.”

— Gail and Carmen Fatino- Roberson's Counseling Center -Joplin Mo.

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Courtney and Devin Hurn - 2015 Toyota Tundra

Jerry is and always will be our go to car sales man! He is great and trustworthy! We have bought the last three cars from him! I feel like he tells it to you straight. And if there is a problem he does rectify it!!!

-Courtney and Devin Hurn- Parents-Medical Field-Joplin Mo.

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Lindsey Wallace - 2010 Honda Accord

There is so much I could say about Jerry Myers both as a person and as a sales person however' I don't think there is enough space on here LOL! Simply what I can say is Jerry is real. No nonsense, no gimmicks, no sugar coating, no living in a fantasy land...if you want someone who's gonna help you get what you want, what you need, someone who's not just gonna sell you a car but guide you In car buying and keep grounded when looking...Jerry is the man to see! He will work with you and for you to get you into the ride you are looking for! Absolutely the only salesman I will ever see!!!

Lindsey Wallace-Wife-Admissions Freeman Health System-Joplin Mo.

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Tami Phillps - 2017 Ford Explorer

Jerry is the best salesman...by far..that I have ever dealt with. He treats you like a friend not just a customer. Go in and see for yourself...if it can be done or found...Jerry is the man to make it happen!!!!

-Tami Phillips-Arma Kansas

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Tasha Maddox - 2015 Dodge Journey Crossroads

Jerry has helped me with my last three vehicles!! He has worked with me on my schedule and what I had to work with! I refer him to all of my friends looking to buy I will not go through anyone else!!!

-Tasha Maddox-Rogers Arkansas

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Ryan Drake - 2016 Dodge Charger

Jerry is a great salesman who will do what he has to in order to get you in the vehicle of your dreams. He’s an even better person all around who will help those in need whenever he can!

-Ryan Drake-Paramedic at Freeman Health System-Pineville Mo.

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Brittany Haper - 2016 Hyundai Elantra GT

Jerry helped find me a great car and made sure the details were taken care of perfectly, thank you!

-Brittany Haper-Wife-Mother- Registered Respiratory Therapist-Joplin Mo.

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Steven Skaggs - 2008 Dodge Dakota

“Jerry is the kinda guy that listens to his customers and searches for what they want! Not pushy, considerate and most of all respectful of his customers. Repeat business will be done from this family, Thank you, Jerry!”

— Steven Skaggs - Skaggs Chiropractic -Joplin Mo.

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Marti VanHouten - 2016 Honda Pilot

Jerry was able to make our car shopping experience the best we've ever had. He never pressured us into buying a vehicle and listened to what we were interested in looking at. We found exactly what we wanted! We couldn't be happier!

-Marti VanHouten-Cherokee Ks.

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Justis Catron - 2016 Ford Fusion

Good guy with no pressure. hhe will actually try to make the best deal for you!

-Justis Catron-Roll-off Driver Deffenbaugh-Sarcoxie Mo.

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Aaron Lofton - 2016 Ford CMax

Jerry Myers is the best Salesman to have! Thanks for Jerry and the Frank Fletcher team I was able to get in a new car with no hassle!

-Aaron Lofton-Neosho Mo.

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David McBee - 2015 Ram 1500 Hemi

I have known Jerry Myers since about 2004. He is a good man with a great heart for service. I would not hesitate to recommend him for your next vehicle purchase. We have purchased three vehicles from him now and have been completely satisfied with his assistance.

-David McBee-Fleet Manager-TMC Transportation-Joplin Mo.

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Jeff Watson - - - *****

Buying a vehicle from Jerry was absolutely THE best experience I've ever had in the automotive industry! No pressure whatsoever, and I very helpful in every way! I recommend him highly!

Jeff Watson-Joplin Mo.

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